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Endless natural encounters (NATURAL)

The intimate co-existence of Namibia’s people and its fauna and flora makes conservation the greatest treasure in the land of the brave.

Between the hospitable Namib Desert lining the Atlantic coast and the escarpment of the interior plateau hides a panorama of richly coloured sand dunes, vast plains, savannahs teeming with African game and rugged brown mountains. This landscape comprises some of the most pristine wilderness on the globe.

National parks, communal conservancies and private game reserves cover almost half of Namibia’ total surface area. As a result, small and big game species have found refuge in Namibia, including the majestic Big Five: the elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard. Throughout the country, you will encounter more than 20 species of antelope, showing off their horns like crafted masterpieces of art, offering a feast to the viewer’s eyes and any photographer’s lens.

Thousands of seals bask on the beaches next to pink flamingos and white pelicans at the coast. Nowhere else on the African continent will you find more critical wetlands than the Walvis Bay and Sandwich Harbour lagoons. Whilst the remote north-east sets itself apart sceanically by its rivers and bushlands. Here elephants, crocodiles, hippo and buffalo, have found a unique natural sanctuary. The Okavango and Zambezi River offer countless delights.

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