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Car Rentals

Namibia is easily and best experienced by car. Namibia has an excellent network of well-maintained roads. Like the Trans Caprivi and Trans Kalahari highways, arterial paved roads safely link all corners of Namibia and enable visitors to explore the country. Where these paved roads end, the adventure begins. At least 80% of roads in Namibia are gravel. These gravel roads are generally well-maintained. While self-driving is entirely safe and recommended, you need to work in adequate time into your itinerary, not just for the actual drive but also for stops along the way. Bear in mind that when travelling on a gravel road, you will be driving at a much slower speed (it is recommended that you do not exceed 80 km/h), so it will take you longer to reach your destination.

Prices for renting a vehicle vary by model. Still, the extra charge for a sturdy 4×4 is worth considering for the added safety, clearance, and power benefits should you venture off the beaten path, which you’re bound to do. Many major car rental companies operate throughout Namibia, including Hosea Kutako International Airport, Eros Airport and Walvis Bay International Airport. This includes Avis, Europcar, Budget, Hertz. There are also many privately-owned car rental companies. Driving in Namibia takes place on the left-hand side of the road.


Trans-Namib Railways connects most major towns, but be prepared for lengthy journeys as trains stop at every post. First and second-class carriages are available with light refreshments offered on some services. On overnight voyages, seats in first-class compartments convert to four couchettes and those in second class to six couchettes. The Desert Express, a luxury train aimed at tourists, runs between Swakopmund and Windhoek. The 19 hours 30-minute journey includes several stops allowing travellers to watch lions feeding, see the Namib Desert, walk in the sand dunes and admire the stars. A three-course dinner and overnight accommodation are included in the ticket price.

Chartered Flights

An entire network of charter flight services offers a quick and easy way to explore Namibia. The advantage is more can be seen in a shorter period, although the cost for such convenience is higher and space is limited. FlyNamibia (operated by WestAir) is an independent airline that offers scheduled domestic flights between Windhoek, Rundu, Katima Mulilo, Ondangwa and Cape Town.


Intercape Mainliner runs direct overnight services from Windhoek to Cape Town four times a week and services to Johannesburg via Upington.

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