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Wind & Kite Surfing

As the name implies, windsurfing necessitates blustery wind conditions, of which the Namibian coast is happy to deliver. Both Walvis Bay and Lüderitz are considered two renowned spots for the sport, combining sailing with surfing and a bit of creative freestyling. The Walvis Bay Lagoon is where most windsurfing (and kitesurfing) takes place. This lagoon is popular for beginners and advanced surfers. The mornings generally offer light winds ideal for beginners, whilst the afternoons see stronger winds prevailing. Boarders can hire equipment alongside the lagoon.

Lüderitz has hosted the annual Lüderitz Speed Challenge since 2007. Competitors from all over the world travel to Namibia to participate in this event. This competition is about seeing who is the fastest over 500 meters. The fastest speeds achieved in this competition are just over 55 knots. As a result, Lüderitz is now widely recognised as the PREMIER spot for wind and kite surfing.

Part flying and attached to a kite, part traditional surfing; Kite surfing is one of the most extreme sports on the water. Sailboard enthusiasts flock to Walvis Bay and Lüderitz for a good reason. The wind conditions at these two locations are ideal for opening up a new range of tricks, heart-stopping stunts and world record speeds. For beginners to intermediate level, Lüderitz has a kitesurf school operated by a professional.

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