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Roof of Namibia

Total distance: 467km

Suggested time period: 1½ – 3 days

The Roof of Namibia Experience links the great Kunene River (at Ruacana Falls) and the Okavango River (Nkurunkuru) by following the northern-most part of Namibia through an array of salt pans and ‘fundja’ (flooded channels that move southward from Angola towards the Etosha salt pan). This route is tarred from the east to the west.

Travelling along the Roof of Namibia Experience, travellers will be able to enjoy the feeling of a rural landscape while experiencing the vibrancy of a bustling African market. With a keen interest in Namibia’s recent history, travellers can enjoy attractions such as the Outapi War Museum, Ombalantu Baobab Museum and the Eenhana Shrine.

Ruacana Falls
Ombalantu Baobab Tree Heritage Centre
Outapi War Museum
Eenhana Memorial Shrine
Ombupupu Pond and Okahao Baobab Heritage Site
Businesses in the Area

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