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North-Eastern Region

Namibia’s north-eastern region is water-rich, comprising a variety of woodlands, wetlands, riverine forests, swamps, and rivers. It is a typical African landscape and environment. The area is home to the Kavango and Zambezi regions. It provides a paradise for visitors searching for a holiday rich in fauna and flora, where an abundance of game and birdlife ensure good game viewing. Its rich landscapes and panoramic views are a stark contrast to the wide-open dunes and landscapes found to the west of Namibia.

Tsumkwe is the main town and situated 56km east of Grootfontein. Travelling distances between towns can be long and arduous at times, and holidaymakers travelling by self-drive should ensure that extra fuel and provisions are taken. However, the vast expanses of wooded savannah liberally sprinkled with baobab trees found in the area makes up for this inconvenience as travellers see Namibia at its best – rugged, untamed, natural and unmatched.

Regions: Kavango East & West, Zambezi

Major towns: Tsumkwe, Rundu, Mulilo, Katimo

Major Tourism Attractions

Kavango and Zambezi Rivers, Mashi Craft Centre, Mbungura Woodcraft Co-operative, Rich Wildlife & Forestry

Enjoy some game viewing with a difference and partake in a sunset cruise on pontoons, photo safaris, swamp safaris, horseback trails, boating or even a trip in a dug-out canoe, known as a ‘mukoro’. For those wishing to keep their feet on ‘terra firma’, game viewing can also be done in open 4×4’s or on foot. 

Accommodation in the form of lodges, tented lodges and even safari boats are available, ensuring the ultimate luxury during your time there. From hidden tented camps offering the perfect private accommodation to upmarket and elegant dining and bar areas to mingle, accommodation choices are as varied as the wildlife in the area – and just as breath-taking.

Some of Namibia’s finest woodcarvers are found in the Kavango, where the ancient craft has been passed down from one generation to the next and grown from a small start into a flourishing industry. Items are offered for sale at the Mbungura Woodcraft Co-operative in Rundu and provide the perfect souvenir of the region. The Zambezi, too, is not only a wilderness paradise but is also home to some very talented individuals, such as the Caprivian women who keep old cultural traditions alive with their beautiful woven baskets. Another must-visit is the Caprivi Art Centre situated in the main town of Zambezi, namely Katima Mulilo. It is a marketing outlet for various crafters, potters and artists throughout the region and offers an insight into the fantastic quality of craftsmanship of the region. Exquisite wood carvings and pots bearing intriguing patterns and various sculptures are some of the works available to view and for sale.

While enjoying a trip to Namibia, a visit to the north-eastern region is a good choice, with its variety of culture, wildlife and natural beauty allowing you to experience Namibia to its fullest.

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