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The Golf Courses of Namibia

Sticking to the fairways at the world-class Omeya course.
(Image via Omeya Golf and Residential Oasis)

Whether you’re on holiday, or just looking to blow off some steam over the weekend, a round of golf is a good way to take in some wonderful scenery and spend some time with friends. Now many people may not know this but the Land of the Brave is home to several unique courses. Let’s take a look at some of them…

Windhoek Golf and Country Club

The Windhoek Golf and Country Club is situated just on the outskirts of the capital city. Set amongst the natural bushveld just to the south of Windhoek this easily accessible golf course is a must-visit for any golfing enthusiast spending time in the big city.

Voted one of the top-ten golf courses in Africa by CNN.
(Image via CNN)

The golf course is not the most challenging 18-holes in the world but this has the advantage of ensuring that nobody’s blood pressure gets out of control. It makes the Windhoek Golf Course a great place to play golf while on holiday. 

The club is one of the oldest in Namibia and the country club next door is of top international standards. So if you are holidaying with a group and not everyone is your group is keen on a round of golf then they can always relax at the clubhouse or spend some time at the hotel restaurant and bar… Or if they’re feeling a little more adventurous they can try out the casino on the grounds.

Omeya Golf and Residential Oasis 

Just 30 km outside Windhoek you will find the pristine Omeya Golf and Residential Oasis. Mountains surround the course and every hole offers up spectacular views of the incredible natural landscapes. It’s also not uncommon to encounter wildlife on the fairways with antelope and warthogs often found foraging in the rough and near the fences.

A golfer lining up a put as the sun goes down.
(Image via Omeya Golf and Residential Oasis)

Designed by Peter Matkovich, who has designed courses all over southern Africa, the thoughtfully laid out 18-holes have been installed in sympathy with the existing environment. Thanks to this golfers can enjoy the shade cast by the indigenous camel thorn trees that dot the estate and the course.

The Rossmund Golf Course

There are only five desert golf courses in the world and the Rossmund Golf Course in Swakopmund is one of them. Interestingly, Rossmund inverts the traditional layout of a golf course with fairways and greens found in the sand, rather than having sand traps dotted along the greenery.

Sometimes the fairway is the bunker!
(Image via 2Travel4Ever)

Like Omeya the course is frequented by free-roaming wildlife and unique birdlife. Non-players are encouraged to walk freely along the course and enjoy the sights- provided they keep an eye on those flying golf balls! During the day Swakopmund and its surrounds enjoy wonderful weather in the summer and spring months and the cooling mist that rolls in during the evening does a good job at keeping players from overheating at the end of their rounds.

The par 72 18-hole course is a really special place to play a round of golf and thanks to its location is ideal for holidaymakers passing through the famous seaside town.

The Walvis Bay Golf Club

If you’re looking for a golf course that is out of the ordinary then the Walvis Bay Golf Course is what you want. While all the greens and all the tees on this course are grass this unique 9-hole course is mostly sand. Golfers are provided with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to have a short round in a totally different environment.

Sand is the name of the game at the WB golf club.
(Image via Denigo Blog)

The Walvis Bay Golf Club is a friendly group of people and all members of the public are welcome to play a round on their special course. While not the best course for beginners, any golfer who wants to play a course that is unlike any other should consider popping in.

Oranjemund Golf Club

First things first, the Oranjemund golf course is one tough cookie. The course has wide fairways but these are bordered by punishing roughs throughout the course. On top of this players usually have to contend with some serious winds. Having said that, the club encourages golfers of all skills to have a go and social games with liberal use of mulligans are fully tolerated.

The course is tree-lined and beautiful.
(Image via Oranjemund Golf Club)

Just note that Wednesday and Saturday are the main competition days, so if you’re not too confident try and book on one of the other days of the week. And remember if the round gets too rough and you lose a few balls there’s always the 19th hole at the clubhouse to help you through your tough times.

The course is found deep in the Sperrgebiet diamond area and thus you need to have permits to enter the region. So be sure to organize these before you book your round of golf.

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