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Kavango Open Africa Route

Total distance: 383km

Suggested time period: 1½ – 3 days

The Kavango Open Africa Route is based on the riverine landscapes of the Kavango, its people, birds and wildlife. This unique travel route is situated in north-eastern Namibia. The route roughly stretches from Nkurunkuru in the west to Divundu in the east. This route also provides access to Mahango and Khaudum National Parks on the border of Botswana. The beauty of this area was only discovered by explorers in the late nineteenth century and is still being discovered by tourists today.

The route offers an array of attractions, a diversity of culture and is a renowned birding hotspot.

Mbunza Living Museum
Khaudum National Park
Nyangana Mission
Andara Mission Station
Mahango National Park
Okavango River System and Popa Falls
32 Batallion Military Base
Tsodilo Hills
Businesses in the Area

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