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Eastern Region

One of Namibia’s greatest assets is its natural beauty, and the region of Omaheke is often understated yet continues to offer visitors a variety of attractions to enjoy. Its natural beauty, stark landscapes and indigenous people make it worthwhile to visit, with the Kalahari experience adding the cherry on top to a wonderful trip! Yet it’s this section of Namibia, its eastern region bordering Botswana, which is often overlooked when travellers venture forth into the country.

One of the Omaheke region highlights is a visit to the main town, Gobabis. It is situated close to the great Trans Kalahari highway and is in the heart of the cattle rearing community, with this being visible as you enter the town and drive past a giant statue of a bull.

Regions: Omaheke

Major towns: Gobabis and Witvlei

Major Tourism Attractions

Gobabis, Kalahari Desert, The San/Bushmen, Nyae Nyae Pans

This quaint town provides the perfect stopover for travellers, providing for all their needs in the form of medical facilities, banks, an assortment of accommodation options, restaurants and a petrol station. If you are fortunate, you can visit their little museum (opened on request!) and learn more about the town seen as the capital of the Eastern region. The Herero women are often seen in Gobabis, dressed in their Victorian attire with matching headgear, providing a beautiful contrast to the sandy landscape.

The natural inhabitants of the Kalahari, namely the San or Bushmen as they are known, are found in the northeast and eastern region of Namibia, bringing with them the old age traditions that have ensured their survival for so long. Tour operators assist in making introductions to the Bushmen, where you will have the opportunity to see how they live, learn more about their culture, origins and variety of traditions, as well as their vast knowledge of the land off of which they survive. This tribe is well known for its unique language, often referred to as the “click” language.

For bird-watching enthusiasts, a visit to the Nyae Nyae Pans during the rainy season is a must. It offers visitors the opportunity to see an abundance of birdlife as they make the most of the weather. So, get your fill of pelicans, flamingos and a wide variety of other birdlife as they flock towards the pan. A word of warning – be careful not to get your vehicle stuck in the mud forming around the pans. You won’t be the first and certainly not the last to have this happen to them.

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